Face Glove


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Face Glove removes make-up and skin impurities with nothing but water. Face Glove guarantees a perfect cleansing effect. It removes bacteria, dirt, dead skin cells and excess sebum, as well as gives the skin a delicate massage improving blood circulation. Tissue is then given more oxygen, due to which the skin uses and absorbs the cosmetic better. Face Glove  easily removes waterproof makeup. Regular use of the face cleanser will balance out the secreted sebum and give a matte finish. Face Glove does not irritate the eyes, and so it can be worn by contact lens wearers. Clinical research carried out on this product in Krakow enables it to be used by people with sensitive skin.



After use rinse out the Face Glove in water with natural soap with nanosilver. Machine washable up to a temperature of 60ºC, without the use of water softening agents.