Car Cleaning Set


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Eco-friendly Car Cleaning Set is a high quality kit which cleans even stubborn dirt WITHOUT DETERGENTS. This small kit enables comprehensive, easy and efficient washing of a whole car. The wipes easily reach the most inaccessible places inside the car and effectively remove grease and dirt outside it, even from very heavily soiled areas. Cleaning the windows and mirrors means that their surfaces are totally free of grease, with no annoying smudges. Precise performance on each stage of washing delays the re-position of dirt and dust. The wipes are manufactured from selected microfibers of the appropriate hardness, therefore they do not scratch the delicate varnished surface; the accurate structure and composition of the fibers enable effective car cleaning without the use of soaps, shampoos and other auto cosmetics that are not environmentally friendly.

Set includes:

White Car Glove                 x1

Novel White Car Glove      x1

Pink Car Glove                    x1

Sunbeam Car Cloth XL      x1

NanoSilver Soap 100g       x1